Tactics Internet Consultancy Limited

Google Adwords Professional UK

Tactics Internet employs a
fully qualified Google
AdWords Professional who
has passed Google's
exam to become a
qualified AdWords Expert.

Technical Development

If you have a dynamic site you need to make more effort to make sure that the search engines can see all of the pages on your site and also that on page elements such as page titles and headings can be changed on a site by site basis.

Pitfalls such as placing session cookie information in the URL string should be avoided at all costs as this kind of technical oversight can leave a site dead in the water.

We have Certified Microsoft and Open Source developers who understand search engines and they can either work to produce your project or work with your existing development team to make sure that effective changes are made to your site to encourage good search engine rankings.

We have knowledge of online shopping systems and integration with payment processors and merchant accounts. We have built and host forums and other interactive community features and have successfully promoted these to the search engines too.

The team has a wide range of skills and experience regarding making technology work for search engine marketing; please contact us to discuss your requirements.