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Website Promotion

Promoting your web site to attract relevant visitors can be achieved in several ways. As well as Pay Per Click marketing, which can be considered a service in its own right, other methods of promotion can be used to attract visitors to your site.

Paying for adverts on related web sites or sites where your target audience visit can bring in quality traffic to turn into leads and customers. This kind of promotion also needs to be tracked and measured to ensure value for money and we can help with this.

The major search engines use link popularity (the number of other sites and pages that link to your site) as a variable in the equation they use to judge who should come high up in the listings for any given word or phrase. This can be demonstrated if you search Google for the word 'computers'. You will see that Apple.com lies in second position, it does not have the word in the page title (one of the most important on-page optimisation points) yet it still ranks highly for the word. Looking further the word computers does not appear anywhere on the page. If you click on the Google link to see the cached version of the page you can see at the top the statement:

These terms only appear in links pointing to this page: computers

This means exactly what it says, the word 'computers' only appears in links that point to the Apple site yet Google still chooses to list the site at number 2 in its rankings and this is solely due to what we call link popularity.

We can help you build link popularity, finding places to list your site for free (directories and industry specific sites), to gain sponsored listings on related sites and many other methods such as press releases to help boost your incoming links.

As well as link building campaigns we can also help with your other promotional campaigns, if you are conducting campaigns via print or TV we can help you to plan the campaign and measure its effectiveness to make sure your marketing money is being spent wisely.

If you have a product or service and are happy to pay by leads or sign ups then we can also help with affiliate campaigns so that other web masters will help promote your product, sometimes negating the need for PPC or natural listing campaigns.

When completing website promotion it is also sensible to look at how you turn visitors into leads and customers. Making sure sign up and purchasing systems are as straight forward as possible will help your conversion rates and make your online marketing efforts even more cost effective.