Tactics Internet Consultancy Limited

Google Adwords Professional UK

Tactics Internet employs a
fully qualified Google
AdWords Professional who
has passed Google's
exam to become a
qualified AdWords Expert.

Web Site and Email Hosting

For the health and wealth of you business, both online and offline, it is important to make sure that your site has high availability and that your email systems never fail.

We have many years experience of hosting sites and supporting email and are more than happy to provide bespoke hosting solutions for your business.

As we control our own servers you can be assured that your site will always be quick to respond as we make sure that our systems are not overloaded with too many sites sharing any particular server.

We understand that search engines use IP address locations to determine the geographic location of your site so that you can rest assured that you will appear in the local version of the search engines that is right for your business.

We maintain servers across several ISPs so there is no single point of failure in our network and even the most major ISP outage will not affect the availability of your site.