Tactics Internet Consultancy Limited

Google Adwords Professional UK

Tactics Internet employs a
fully qualified Google
AdWords Professional who
has passed Google's
exam to become a
qualified AdWords Expert.

Pay Per Click Management Services

Positioning of your site in search engine's listings via the Pay Per Click (PPC) programs available through Google Adwords and Overture can bring immediate traffic to your site. Due to the nature of bidding on relevant keywords the traffic that PPC campaigns bring is highly qualified and if your web site is built with the correct principles in mind this traffic should convert at a good ratio.

There are many pitfalls in PPC marketing, an inexperienced advertiser will overstretch their campaign, opening it up to too many variations that may not be relevant to your market and therefore waste your budget on irrelevant terms.

The key to a successful PPC campaign is to monitor and track how PPC traffic reacts on your site, this enables us to refine and enhance the PPC program to make sure it returns a good return on investment and enhances your marketing mix.

All PPC account managers at Tactics Internet are put through internal PPC training programs and all work towards their Google Adwords Professional status.

We are able to set up and run your PPC campaign for you and charge a flat monthly rate for doing so. This is not based upon your level of spend but on the complexity of the campaign, monthly monitoring of campaigns starts at £150 + VAT.

As well as monitoring your campaigns if you do not have the internal skills or resources to complete this in house if you have an internal marketing team who could run a PPC campaign for you but need a helping hand to get them started we can provide PPC training to help your team get the most out of today's marketing opportunities.

If you are looking to get natural listings for your sites we may suggest a short PPC campaign to get good data concerning which words to target for the best results in natural listings. PPC campaigns can also give smaller or seasonal businesses the ability to turn their marketing efforts on and off during quiet periods or even when owner managers are away from the business. PPC campaigns can be a better marketing solution than chasing natural listings for some businesses.